What can we do for You...

Everything that you can imagine and wish for, and is in our area of business, we guarantee that it can become your biggest and most beauthiful reality We offer you guaranteed best websites, domains and software solutions.With our professional team for a short time, your ideas can be realized.

The manner of execution of the work takes place in several stages:

  • -The first is the submission of your request to us, review and completion, with the help and advice from our designers and developers;
  • - In the second stage we offer you your idea as a graphic realisation and wait for approval or supplements for further development;
  • -The third stage is a complete implementation of the project and delivering all future necessary information to you.

Our Team

  • Metodi Vangelov
    General manager, Software engineer

  • Renata Dinova
    Web Designer

  • Emil Kochan
    Sales manager,Web Designer

  • Mehdi Abdoli
    Web Designer

  • Andrej Nikolovski
    Open-Source specialist,Web Designer

  • Daniel Vangelov
    Web programmer

  • Katerina Trajchevska
    Web programmer

  • Dacko Levkovski
    Web programmer