Main feature: php content form, google maps, no administration panel, best suited for companies or professionals that offer services which do not require constant changes to the web site content.
Price: 270 €
Time: 15 days


Main feature: access to your web page and ability to edit the content.
Price: 370 €
Time: 25 days


Main feature: lists of products, order basket, online payment.
Price: 470 €
Time: 35 days


Main feature: automatic Facebook publishing, ability for more than one person to publish news.
Price: 470 €
Time: 35 days


Main feature: advanced search based on more criteria.
Reference: ,
Price: 560 €
Time: 45 days

All packages include

- free business hosting and domain (price value: 40 €)
- introductory walkthrough of the site
- 18% VAT is not not included in the prices
- payment: 50% upfront, 50% on job done

Additional package services

- two languages +30% of the price, +10% for every additional language (with your translation of the content)
- small editing of content - free
- significant changes to site content: 50eur
- if the design or template are changed but the functionality remains the same: 100% for the first package, 50% for the rest

Graphich design Logo

Logo, logotip or trademark is the visual identity of your company.The Logo is a symbol by which you will be recognized in business world.Creative team of graphic designers in BestNetStudio will design a professional and unique company logo only for you.Despite the name of your company, for making the logo, it is important we to be familiar with other stuff you're dealing with.In that way we will be able to preset all that your company is dealing with.

Makeing of Logo BestNetStudio Skopje

It only takes your word to tell us what kind of logo you like, and B.N.S team is here for you to take care for the rest.
We are creating for yousimple, creative and efective logo in steps with trands, which on the clients will leave a good impresion in their eyes.

Corporate Identity

Presents complete graphich resolution on the identity of your company who represents you on the market.Essential feature is that one style which has recognizes in every element of the е тоа што еден стил кој се препознава во секој елемент на corporate identity.Corporate identity includes 3 crucial and others accompanying elements.The key elements are: logo -business card -memorandum. The rest elements of the corporate identity are: envelope, notes, pencils, t-shirts, auto graphich, flag, cases, bags, sticker e.t.c. For making an corporate identity the most important is to developed one style and further the whole job to go throught followed by it

Additional services

- Integration of payment processor - 290€ - 18000 denars
- Graphich design on index page - 82 €/(5000 denars)
- Web Banner(static) - 69€ - 4300 denars
- Web Banner(dynamic) - 149€/(9200 denars)(In duration of 20 seconds)
- Making of an one HTML / PHP page - 65 €/(4.000 denars)
- Up-date (maintenance) - 10€/h./(600 denars/h)
- Design of logo- 80€/(5000 denars)
- Design and preparation for newspapers billboards - 200 €/(12200 denars)(The price isn't fixed, it can be different.)
- Design and preparation for flaers - 100€/(6100 denars)(The price can be less)
- Design and preparation for design of posters - 130€/(8000 denars)(The price can be less)
- Design and preparation for business cards - 25 €/(1500 denars)
- For every other serivce - Price by negotiating

30 Days Moneyback Guarantee !